About Voltaxa

Known to the market as manufacturer of STALLION brand of UPS and Invertor since 1990. The Voltaxa battery designed and developed by passionate technocrat Mr. Sunil Armani has undergone many advanced changes since its inception in 2002. The on field experience of mandatory charge-discharge characteristics of battery required for UPS and invertor applications has been the major contributor to todays Voltaxa battery.

Our well thought battery pest chemical formulation and consistent improvement in raw material processing based on tear down analysis of battery problems has resulted in extremely encouraging and satisfactory field performance of Voltaxa battery.

Major Battery Life Limiting Factors

  1. Positive Plate Grid Corrosion and shedding of active material: It is unavoidable chemical phenomenon and is the most serious and killing factor for battery life.
  2. Sulphation: hardening of sulphate molecules from the electrolyte occurs when battery is left in discharged or undercharged condition for a long time.
  3. High ambient temperature: Temperature exceeding 40 degree centigrade has become common due global warming.
  4. Overcharging: Due to improper charger voltage setting which occurs when there is shift in charger voltage calibration effected by power supply voltage surges also due to rise in temperature of electronic components.
  5. Frequent deep discharge: Batteries are required to give long backup due to erratic, regular and long power cut resulted from huge demand and supply gap of electric supply power.

We have addressed the core issue of Positive Plate Grid Corrosion and shedding of active material by adopting tubular positive plate construction to counter shedding of active material while delaying the process of corrosion of positive grid by using High Pressure Die Casting Technology.