Friendly Advice!

Battery Care, Installation and Maintenance

  1. New batteries should be given full charge before use.
  2. Install batteries on an insulated surface like wooden planks or rubber sheets or thermo cole sheets or in a painted and properly earthed MS Angle rack.
  3. Select the battery capacity properly as per your invertor and UPS design and backup required.
  4. Take care not to offer much load on battery terminals while tightening also avoid the shorting of terminals.
  5. Keep the top surface of the battery clean, dry and tidy.
  6. Use only proper current carrying cables and cable conector and check for its peoper connection to prevents sparking and melting of the terminals.
  7. Apply pertolium gely or vesseline to the terminals to prevent corrosion but DO NOT USE GREASE.
  8. Ensure polarity of the battery that is connect positive cable to positive (red) terminal of the battery and negative cable to the negative (blue) terminal of the battery.
  9. Ensure that battery is are kept in well ventilated place with adequate shelter and check that battery is not exposed direct to the sunlight.
  10. Keep the vent plug tight and clean.
  11. Top of the battery with DM Water after at 6 months intervals.
  12. NEVER USE TAB WATER, Bore water even miniral as it can reduce your battery life.
  13. The water used to replenish batteries should be distilled or de mineralized (D.M.) water. Particular care should be taken to avoid metallic contamination (Iron).
  14. NEVER ADD ACID in the battery otherwise it will damage your battery.
  15. Fully charged battery have the acid gravity inbetween 1245 to 1250. If more, then reduce it by adding little DM water as required.
  16. Excessive consumption of water is an indication of the OVERCHARGE it can kill the battery. Check up charger of your UPS or Invertor.
  17. Keep away FLAMES, cigarettes etc etc. from the battery, as the gases evolved are INFLAMABLE.
  18. Avoid MIXED BATTERY state i.e. of different capacities, makes and ages.
  19. Protect battery from METALLIC OBJECT like spanner, watch, etc. coming in contact with battery terminals.
  20. Battery contains lead which is HAZARDOUS so return the old used up battery to the dealer or manufacturer
  21. PERIODIC BATTERY TESTING is an important preventive maintenance procedure.
  22. Always use match voltage charger and battery pack systems and undersized charger will never get the job done, no matter how long you let it run. An oversized charger will cause excess gassing and heat; This situation could cause EXPLOSION or other DAMAGE.
  23. The battery storage area must be properly VENTILATED. Battery emits gases like Hydrogen and Oxygen. Concentration of 4% Hydrogen are explosive, and recommended maximum concentration of 2% are required for the battery storage area.