High Pressure Die Casting Technology (HPDC)

The Voltaxa batteries is designed & developed after carefully understanding the mandatory charge-discharge characteristics of battery required for UPS & invertor functioning.

After having worked consistently and relentlessly we have finally succeeded in a unique die design to cast the positive grid under high pressure (Above 100 bars).

This technique adopted by us is rare amongst SSI units due high capital investment and considerable running and maintenance cost. We have developed this process on world renowned IDRA High Pressure Die Casting Machine.

This is a rare feat for SSI unit since to achieve such kind of a result you need.

Voltaxa Battery Manufacturing Features –

  1. High Pressure Die Casting Technology to cast positive grid using imported IDRA die casting machine.
  2. Inter-Cell welding by resistance welding machine.
  3. Vacuum paste mixer for negative paste.
  4. Hydrostatic curing chambers for negative plate curing.
  5. Refrigerated initial acide addition to battery.
  6. Top cover sealing by heat seal pneumatic machine.
  7. Shear tester to check cell welding joint.
  8. Short circuit tester to check separator short.
  9. Air leakage tester to check leakage of top cover sealing.
  10. Acid dosing system for battery acid filling.
  11. Heat stamping machine for SR. No. punching.