Vaccume Paste Mixer: This is our innovative application for making a battery paste by using a double planetary mixer which facilitate homogeneous mixing under vacuum. Such mixers are normally used in Pharmaceutical industries.

Acid chilling Refrigeration: When sulphuric acid is added in assembled battery excess of heat is generated due to exothermic reaction between acid and lead oxide. If chilled is introducing then it avoids possible temperature excursions due to heat. this is an important aspects of the quality.

Component Casting Machines: The components like pole, strap and terminals are cast in these pneumatic machines.

Negative Grid Gravity Die Casting Machine: It’s a gravity die casting machine to cast negative plate grid.

Vibrator Filling Machine: The positive tabular plates are filled with lead oxide powder in this electromagnetic vibrator filling machine.

hydro Set Chambers: Negative plates are cured in these chambers for 72 Hrs. using temperature profile controllers.

Plate Cleaning Machine: These plates are cleaned on this high speed wire brush machine attached with lead dust controller.

SCR Controlled Formation Rectifier: The assembled batteries after acid filling and soaking are charged at continuous constant current for 48 Hrs.

Inter Cell Welding Machine: All Six cells of battery are interconnected by welding using microprocessor controlled resistance weld machine.

Heat Sealing Machine: The top cover of the battery is thermo sealed with the microprocessor based electro-pneumatic machine.

DM Unit with Mixed Bed: This unit eliminates from battery water the poisoning elements like iron, manganese and chlorine by ionization process so that the total dissolved solids is less than 2 PPM and PH between 6.5 tto 7 as per the IS:1059.

Computerised Battery Capacity Tester: The battery capacity and also life cycle test of the battery is tested as per the IS:13369 by this micro controller based constant current discharger with data storage facility.

Sr. No. Punch Machine: The tested batteries prior to dispatch are hot punched with production Sr. No. along with the year and month code to ascertain warranty period.